The End of the White Primary

Beginning of the end for the White Primary came with two events, one in Texas, the other in Georgia.

The 1944 case of Smith vs. Allwright was  the Supreme Court decision that  ruled the Texas White Primary was unconstitutional.

It forced Georgia to allow African-Americans to vote in the Democratic primary. But, the Democrats had other ideas…they wanted to make their primary’s a private club. Governor Ellis Arnall prevented that from happening, and the white primary neared its end. But, it would still be a struggle.
• Primus King (below) registered to vote and then tried to vote at the Muscogee County Court House, in Georgia.
• He was thrown out. Primus was represented by NAACP and other lawyers.
• In King v. Chapman et. al. , the Supreme Court upheld , by actually refusing to hear the case.
• The ruling of lower courts won and African-Americans won the vote.
• King would not be the last Civil Rights hero with that last name!

Primus King, a Georgia Civil Rights Hero

Primus King showing his check from the state of Georgia Muscogee County Courthouse, Georgia

Photo is from The Georgia Encyclopedia,


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